The Meaning of “Chand Ka Tukda” in English: Unveiling the Lunar Fragment

Chand Ka Tukda Meaning In English

Chand Ka Tukda, released in 1994, is an Indian Hindi-language movie helmed by Saawan Kumar Tak. The film features popular actors Sridevi, Salman Khan, and Shatrughan Sinha in lead roles.

Chand Ka Tukdaa is a Bollywood film directed by Saawan Kumar Tak. It was written by Anwar Khan and the screenplay was done by Sachin Bhowmick. The story of the movie was also penned by Saawan Kumar Tak, who also produced it under his production company, Saawan Kumar Productions. The film stars Sridevi, Salman Khan, and Shatrughan Sinha in lead roles. G. Shyam Kumar handled the cinematography while Jawahar Razdan edited the film. The music for Chand Ka Tukdaa was composed by Mahesh-Kishor for songs and Usha Khanna for background score. It was released on 19th August 1994 with a running time of 155 minutes in Hindi language across India. The budget of the movie was ₹2.75 crore and it earned ₹3.88 crore at the box office.

Plot edit

Shyam lives a wealthy lifestyle in London, England, and is considered one of the ten richest people in the world. His father, S.K. Malhotra, was killed, and his mother identified his killer, but before this person could be apprehended, she, herself passes away, but not before asking Shyam to return to India and marry a beautiful girl. Shyam does return to India, and once there does meet the girl, Radha, of his dreams, but does not know that Radha is a mere pawn in the hands of a group of people, including his father’s killer, who are after his wealth and estate, and will do anything in their power to obtain it.

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How to write “Chand” in English?

The moon is a celestial body that orbits around the Earth approximately every four weeks. It is visible in the night sky as either a complete circle or a portion of it.


1. The moon revolves around the Earth once every four weeks.

2. It can be seen in the sky at night.

3. The moon appears as a circular shape or part of a circle when observed from Earth.

What is the second meaning of the moon?

The second meaning given for चांद is simply “skull”. It refers to the bone structure that encloses and protects our brain.

Moving on, चंद्रमा (Chandrama) is another term used for चांद in Hindi, which means “moon”. The moon is a celestial body that shines at night and can often be seen in different shapes like crescent or full moon.

Meaning of Chand Ka Tukda in English

Recalling his pairing with Sridevi , actor Salman Khan said, he was scared to share the screen space with the actress, as she was capable of making the audience concentrate on herself, neglecting her co-stars.

Meaning of Chand Ka Tukda in English

IMDb provides information about the movie “Chand Ka Tukda” on its platform.

What will be the other name for the moon?

The moon is often referred to as “Chandrama” in Hindi, and it is also known by the nickname “Som.” In Hindu mythology, the name “Som” is used as an alias for the moon in various scriptures. Additionally, the moon is also associated with Lord Chandra. The significance of these names lies in their representation of the celestial body that illuminates our night sky.

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The association between Chandrama and Lord Chandra goes beyond mere nomenclature. Lord Chandra represents emotions, intuition, fertility, creativity, and tranquility – qualities that are often attributed to the moon itself. This connection adds a spiritual dimension to our understanding of this celestial entity.

Furthermore, Chandrama plays a significant role in religious festivals such as Karva Chauth or Raksha Bandhan where its sighting marks auspicious beginnings or signifies important rituals. People offer prayers to seek blessings from both Chandrama and Lord Chandra during these occasions.

Moreover, scientific advancements have allowed us to explore more about this enigmatic satellite through space missions like Apollo 11 or Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO). These endeavors have provided valuable insights into its geological composition while unraveling mysteries surrounding its formation.

What is the best meaning of the moon?

In addition to its scientific significance, the Moon holds cultural and spiritual importance across various societies. Many ancient civilizations worshipped or revered the Moon as a deity or symbol of fertility and femininity. Even today, festivals like Karva Chauth celebrate the bond between married couples by observing rituals under moonlight.

P.S.: The enchanting glow of Chand Ka Tukda not only illuminates our nights but also inspires poets and artists alike with its ethereal beauty. Let us continue to marvel at this celestial wonder that graces our skies every night.

Do we say “Chand” or “Chaand”?

In simple terms, Chand Ka Tukda means “a piece of moon” in English. It refers to the moon as being fragmented or divided into smaller parts. The term highlights the concept that our moon appears as different phases throughout its lunar cycle.