Lyrics for “Top Of The World” by Carpenters

Carpenters Top Of The World Lyrics

The explanation is evident, as it is due to your presence.

I am standing at the highest point, observing all of creation from above.

Since you came into my life, I have discovered a love that has been constant.

Amidst the foliage and the gentle caress of the wind.

The upcoming day will be identical for both of us.

I am standing at the highest point, observing everything that has been created.

Has the affection that I have discovered since you entered my life.

I am standing at the highest point, gazing upon everything that has been created.

Since you came into my life, I have discovered a love that has remained constant.

5 facts about this song

“Top of the World” is one of the most successful songs by the duo “the Carpenters”. – Released in 1972, it reached the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100. – Although it was never intended to be a single, strong airplay by radio stations led to its release. – The song was composed by the team of Richard Carpenter and John Bettis. – “Top of the World” became a gold record for the Carpenters.

Lynn Anderson’s Version

Country singer Lynn Anderson recorded a cover of this song in 1973. – It was a significant crossover hit for Anderson, reaching number 2 on the Billboard Country charts and number 74 on the pop charts. – The song was her only number one on the Adult Contemporary chart. – It was included in her album “Top of the World” released in 1973.

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Richard Carpenter’s Role

Richard Carpenter, part of the Carpenters duo, co-wrote and produced the original version of “Top of the World”. – He composed the music, while John Bettis wrote the lyrics. – Richard was instrumental in the song’s arrangement, contributing to its success. – In honor of his late sister Karen, Richard re-recorded the song with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in 2018.

Top Of The World Lyrics by Carpenters

“Top of the World” is widely recognized as a classic pop song, remembered for its uplifting message and catchy melody. – It has been covered by numerous artists in various languages around the world. – In 2003, it was used in the Japanese drama “The Long Love Letter”. – In 2018, the song was arranged into a new version, blending the original Carpenters’ vocals with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra’s performance.

Surprisingly enough, an official music video was only released for the song by Carpenters in 2020, using the 2018 version with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. – The animation showed a schoolgirl traveling through different magical lands, fulfilling the song’s theme of fantastical aspiration. – This official music video has been watched over 1.9 million times on YouTube (as of September 2021).


1. Number one

2. Second in line

3. At the pinnacle is “Top of the World”

4. Fourth on the list

5. The fifth entry

6. Coming up next is number six

7. Seventh place goes to…

8. In eighth position we have…

9. Ranking at number nine is…

10. Tenth spot belongs to…

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11-40: Continue with various rankings for each number.

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Top Of The World Lyrics by Carpenters

The Carpenters were a popular American music duo in the 1970s, consisting of siblings Karen and Richard Carpenter. They achieved great success with their soft rock sound and heartfelt lyrics. One of their most well-known songs is “Top of the World,” released in 1972.

The person Karen Carpenter loved the most

This article delves into the personal life of renowned musician Karen Carpenter, focusing on her relationship with her husband Thomas Burris. It explores their love story, marriage, and how it impacted both their lives.

2. The Lasting Musical Legacy:

Karen Carpenter was not only known for her beautiful voice but also for being one-half of the famous musical duo “The Carpenters.” This section highlights their remarkable journey in music together and sheds light on how their partnership shaped popular music during that era.

3. Impact on Richard Carpenter:

Which Beatles song was performed by the Carpenters?

– Their concerts at the Hollywood Bowl were documented on a live album.

– The 1996 Anthology 2 box set also included live recordings by the band.

– In 1969, The Carpenters covered “Ticket to Ride,” which reached number 54 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.