Lyrics for the song “London Bridge Is Falling Down”

London Bridge Is Falling Down Lyrics

The popular English nursery rhyme, London Bridge is Falling Down, is widely sung by children around the world. It is often accompanied by playful games. Although there are various versions of the song, its origins can be traced back to the 17th century. Interestingly, the real London Bridge has experienced multiple collapses throughout history, which may have served as inspiration for the lyrics. The song depicts the deteriorated state of this famous bridge and describes how the narrator tries different methods to restore it.

Lyrics of the English Song: London Bridge is Collapsing

Here are the words to the poem “London Bridge is Falling Down”:

Lyrics of London Bridge Is Falling Down: What Your Child Can Learn

Teach your child about the origins and historical significance of the poem. By exploring this rhyme, they will gain knowledge about renowned landmarks such as London Bridge, enhancing their overall understanding.

By introducing this nursery rhyme to your child, you can impart valuable lessons on problem-solving and character development. Within the verses of the poem, we witness the narrator consistently finding solutions to various challenges that arise. This important message can be passed on to young ones, equipping them with the skills needed to confront real-life difficulties confidently.

You can also seize the chance to elucidate the characteristics of various materials referred to in the song and assist your child in comprehending why clay, wood, silver, or gold were unsuitable for constructing the bridge.

Encouraging children to recite and potentially perform the London Bridge Is Falling Down rhyme can enhance their communication abilities and social interactions.

London Bridge Is Collapsing Lyrics

The meaning of the poem “London Bridge is Falling Down” can be interpreted in various ways. Similar poems about similar incidents can be found throughout Europe. The original London bridge was initially built using wood but was eventually destroyed. It underwent several reconstructions and subsequent destructions over time.

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The poem discusses the collapse of London Bridge and the attempts made to reconstruct it. The narrator describes the different materials used in rebuilding the bridge and explains why these materials are unsuitable.

At the end of every paragraph, the narrator says, “My Fair Lady.” However, it is unclear who the narrator is addressing. In the end, the narrator comes up with the solution to have a man with a pipe guard the bridge made of silver and gold.

What caused the collapse of London Bridge?

Despite all these issues and failures, amazingly enough, the London Bridge managed to stand for about 600 years! So even though its name is associated with falling down in a nursery rhyme song we sing as children, this historic bridge actually stayed standing for a very long time before being replaced by a new one.

London Bridge Is Falling Down: Rhyming Pattern Analysis

The rhyming scheme or pattern of the poem London Bridge is Falling Down is AAAB CCCB. The ‘B’ is a constant repetition throughout the poem.

Every first and third line is the same in each paragraph, and every second line is unique. We also see that the fourth line is repeated in every paragraph.

Who caused the collapse of London Bridge?

Before this wooden bridge, there were other bridges that were not fixed firmly in one spot. They could be moved or taken apart easily. But with the new wooden London Bridge, people hoped for a more stable structure that would stay put.

Lyrics of London Bridge Is Falling Down: Vocabulary for Your Child

Your child will learn the sounds and structures of rhyming words as the first three lines of each paragraph are rhyming.

Children will also be taught various verbs like collapsing, constructing, taking, bowing, flexing, and so on. Encouraging your child to act out these actions can aid in their comprehension of them!

Is the London Bridge collapse related to Vikings?

Over the years, there has been a long-standing curiosity about whether the well-known nursery rhyme about London Bridge was inspired by a Viking attack. However, it remains uncertain as to where exactly this nursery rhyme originated from. In fact, historians have engaged in debates regarding whether Vikings were truly responsible for destroying the bridge.

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Historians themselves are divided on whether Vikings played any role in destroying London Bridge or if they even had access to it at all. Some argue that there is no substantial proof supporting claims of Viking involvement in damaging such an iconic structure during their reign in England. These differing opinions highlight how historical interpretations can vary based on available evidence and individual perspectives.

Lyrics of London Bridge Collapsing

While reciting the poem to your little one, you should sing it to them and encourage them to sing along with you. Once your child has a hang of it, you can play a little game with them as you sing it. You will require at least three people. Two people must join their hands above their heads and make a bridge or arch structure. As you sing the song, the third person must pass from below the hands and keep doing so until the song is over. As the song is near completion, the other two participants must catch the third participant between their arms. This will encourage your child to participate and help develop their interest in rhymes.

London Bridge Lyrics: A Tale of Collapsing Infrastructure

One way to engage your child in learning about materials is by using building blocks to create “bridges.” By using different types or colors of blocks for each material, you can teach them the distinctions between them. As they recite the song, encourage your child to knock down each bridge. To add more excitement, use a small figurine to represent the man on the last bridge and help your child visualize what happens in the rhyme. This activity will not only be educational but also enjoyable for your little one!

Is the tale of London Bridge collapsing true?

Understanding the true history of London Bridge is a challenging task. Over the course of its existence, the bridge has faced destruction and subsequent reconstruction several times. The origins of this poem can be traced back to the 17th Century, making it difficult to determine whether the narrator was describing the physical structure or expressing their personal reflections.

Game to Play Along with the Nursery Rhyme London Bridge is Falling Down

A well-known game involves two individuals creating an arch, while others pass through underneath. While singing the song, the ones forming the arch must try to catch someone towards the end.

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Take pleasure in this verse alongside your child. After they have committed this rhyme to memory, they can even showcase it for poetry recitation contests at school or enhance their self-assurance by performing for the family at home, receiving applause and support.

London Bridge Is Falling Down is a popular nursery rhyme for children that has been passed down through generations. It features lyrics that describe the crumbling of London Bridge and the efforts to repair it. This timeless song has entertained and educated young ones for years, teaching them about historical landmarks in a fun and memorable way.

The meaning of “pop goes the weasel

– In the nursery rhyme “London Bridge Is Falling Down,” there is a line about using weasels (or originally wood) to rebuild the bridge.

– The London Bridge has had multiple iterations throughout history due to damage or destruction.

The number of times London Bridge has collapsed

London Bridge has a long and storied history, but it is not without its share of collapses. The first collapse occurred in 1281 when five arches gave way due to neglect in maintenance. This unfortunate event served as a reminder of the importance of regular upkeep for such an iconic structure.

P.S. It is crucial to remember that proper maintenance plays a vital role in preserving historical landmarks like London Bridge. Neglecting this responsibility can lead to catastrophic consequences, as seen through these two collapses throughout history.

Is London Bridge still present?

London Bridge, which is a famous bridge in London, was officially opened for vehicles by Queen Elizabeth II. This event happened on a specific date that should be mentioned here. The bridge holds historical significance and has been an important landmark in the city for many years.

In simple terms, “London Bridge Is Falling Down” is a song that tells us about the troubles faced by London Bridge over time. The lyrics highlight how it has needed repairs multiple times due to various reasons. This nursery rhyme serves as an entertaining way for children to learn about the historical importance of this well-known structure in London.


1. London Bridge was opened for traffic by Queen Elizabeth II.

2. The nursery rhyme “London Bridge Is Falling Down” is associated with this famous bridge.

3. The song teaches children about the history and repairs of London Bridge through catchy lyrics.

5. Children enjoy singing this rhyming song while learning about its historical background