Lyrics for “The Night We Met” by Lord Huron

Lord Huron The Night We Met Lyrics

“The Night We Met” is credited to. The song describes the heartbreak of losing someone you love as they drift away: “I had all and then most of you, some and now none of you.”

“Take me back to the night we met” expresses the feeling that the narrator wants a do-over, to simply never start the relationship they are now haunted by. Being haunted by love is a recurring theme in Frankie Lou’s songs.

Background and influences

contains music that became “The Night We Met” and includes horizontally mirrored blurry footage of a deer running, with a caption containing lyrics from.

The artwork for the single features a woman wearing a blue dress standing next to the road, facing away from the camera.

Ben Schneider described his intentions behind “The Night We Met” as a portrayal of love and the subsequent regret that arises at the end of a relationship. Despite experiencing numerous joyful moments together, there is a lingering feeling that it was not worth it. The desire to return to the beginning of the relationship and choose an alternative path is expressed in this song.

Given the events of , it is likely that Frankie wrote this song about a relationship with. He charmed her when they first met, but according to Frankie, he was just using her. She regrets helping or even meeting him.

What does The Night We Met by Lord Huron meaning?

– The song delves into the heartbreak caused by losing someone as they drift away.

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– There is a longing to return to the night they first met, wishing for an opportunity to avoid starting this haunting relationship.

The Night We Met Lyrics by Lord Huron

Despite the song credit going to Lou, the music video depicts the beginning of ‘s quest to locate his fiancée, who left to pursue stardom. In the video Vernon seems to be suffering from visions of a woman credited as Louisa. Vernon is shown driving his car while drinking, and dozing off at the wheel. He is shown remembering or hallucinating Louisa along the side of the road and in the backseat, and in this context, this song seems to be about his failing relationship with her.

Music video trivia

The video is presented in and the captioning is provided by CC Services. There is a split second image of a film clapperboard with a 1967 production directed by called ” Suivrez L’Étoile Émeraude” which translates to “Follow The Emerald Star.” The video also has a split second shot of an Emerald Star symbol just before the credits. These were the first references to the Vide Noir album, which had not yet been announced at the time.

Who is the original author of The Night We Met?

– Ben Schneider founded the band.

– He wrote The Night We Met.

Annotated lyrics

The official release of the lyrics for the song “Strange Trails” was never made available. However, here is a transcript of the lyrics that have been obtained.

Transport me to the evening we first encountered each other, so that I may reminisce and convince myself of its reality.

I chose not to accompany you on our journey, as I had experienced the joy of having all of you by my side.

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Oh, transport me to the evening we encountered each other. I possessed everything and then a majority of your being.

Lord Huron often delves into similar themes in their songs, occasionally weaving narratives that span across multiple tracks. These lyrical connections serve as points of reference for the listeners.

The person Hannah lost her virginity to in 13 Reasons Why

In simpler terms, Olivia talks to Dennis and Andy about asking Clay to speak up in support of Hannah so that people can see her in a better light. On the other hand, Clay confronts Zach because he is unhappy that Hannah had sex with Zach instead of him.

1. Olivia suggests involving Clay as a witness for Hannah.

2. Clay expresses his disappointment to Zach for not being chosen by Hannah.

The ban on 13 Reasons Why

The book “Lord Huron The Night We Met Lyrics” was temporarily banned from circulation in the Mesa Country School District in Colorado due to a series of suicides. The decision to remove the book was made by the curriculum director without following proper procedures. However, after a review conducted by librarians and counselors, it was determined that the book did not contain as graphic content as the Netflix series it was associated with. As a result, the ban on the book was lifted.

– A series of suicides occurred in Colorado.

– A specific song lyrics book called “Lord Huron The Night We Met Lyrics” became controversial.

– It got taken out of circulation at schools without proper procedure.

– Consequently, students were allowed access to this book again.

The genre of Lord Huron

With their diverse range of musical styles, Lord Huron creates an immersive experience for listeners. Drawing inspiration from classic country and western sounds, they infuse their songs with twangy guitars and heartfelt lyrics that transport you to wide-open landscapes filled with dusty roads and starry nights. At the same time, elements of folk rock add a raw authenticity to their music, capturing the essence of storytelling through introspective narratives.

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In addition to these traditional influences, Lord Huron incorporates elements from other genres to create a truly distinctive sound. Rock and roll undertones bring energy and drive to their compositions while pop melodies provide catchy hooks that linger in your mind long after the song ends. Furthermore, subtle hints of surf rock can be heard in some tracks which give them a nostalgic charm reminiscent of sunny beach days.

The significance of “Take Me to Church

– The lyrics express frustration with the dominance of the Catholic Church in Irish society.

– It explores themes like love, spirituality, freedom from oppressive systems,

and finding meaning outside traditional structures

The significance of a place known only to us

In simple terms, this song talks about looking back on cherished memories shared with someone close to us. It emphasizes how important it is to hold onto those memories even if circumstances separate us from that person physically. The lyrics convey a sense of yearning for their presence again in the future.

Overall, “The Night We Met” reflects on the bittersweet nature of relationships and highlights the significance of treasuring precious moments spent together while acknowledging the possibility of reuniting down the line.


1. Nostalgia and reminiscing about past experiences.

2. Sharing various emotions with someone who truly understands.

3. Longing to remember them regardless of physical separation.

4. Hopeful anticipation for potential reunions in the future.

5. Embracing both joyous and painful memories as part of personal growth within relationships