Coldplay Hymn For The Weekend Lyrics

Coldplay Hymn For The Weekend Lyrics

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The lyrics for “Hymn For The Weekend” were composed by Chris Martin, Guy Berryman, Johnny Buckland, Marcos Tovar, Mikkel Eriksen, Scott Alan Zant, Tor Hermansen, Venor Yard and Will Champion.

The words to the song “Hymn For The Weekend” have been protected under copyright by Universal Music Publishing Group and Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC.

Coldplay Hymn For The Weekend Lyrics: 9 Interesting Facts

The track “Hymn for the Weekend” is a musical composition performed by the renowned British rock group, Coldplay. The band was established in London back in 1996 by Chris Martin, who serves as the lead vocalist and pianist, along with Jonny Buckland, who takes on the role of lead guitarist.

Coldplay Hymn For The Weekend Song Lyrics

The lyrics for “Hymn For The Weekend” were collectively penned by the band members of Coldplay and produced by their regular collaborator, Rik Simpson, in collaboration with Norwegian duo Stargate.

Special Feature

The pop track includes vocals from American singer Beyoncé, who was not initially credited for her contribution. She later joined Coldplay to perform the song during the halftime show of Super Bowl 50.

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A music video for the song was shot in Mumbai, India, featuring both English and Bollywood actors. – The video also includes a guest appearance from Indian actress Sonam Kapoor. It was criticized by some for its representation of Indian culture.

Chart Performance

“Hymn for the Weekend” has charted in over 30 countries. In addition to reaching number six in the United Kingdom Singles Chart, it achieved number one positions in Italy, Israel, and Poland.

Certification Achievement

In the year 2019, the song achieved quadruple platinum certification in Italy, triple platinum certification in Poland, double platinum certification in Australia and the United Kingdom, and platinum certification in the United States.

Live Performances

A highly memorable rendition of the song took place during Super Bowl 50, when Coldplay was accompanied by Beyoncé in February 2016. The performance garnered an audience of more than 115 million viewers.

Cover Versions
Several artists have covered “Hymn for the Weekend.” Notably, British singer James Bay performed a stripped-back rendition of the song on BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge in 2016.


In this case, critics argue that by donning traditional Indian garments without proper knowledge or appreciation for their cultural significance, Beyonce is perpetuating harmful stereotypes and reducing an entire culture to mere fashion accessories. They contend that such actions trivialize centuries-old customs and traditions that hold deep meaning within Indian society.

Ultimately, discussions around cultural appropriation should encourage dialogue and education rather than resorting solely to criticism or condemnation. By engaging in respectful conversations about these complex issues, we can foster greater understanding between cultures while also ensuring the preservation and appreciation of diverse traditions worldwide

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Sonam Kapoor featured in a Coldplay song?

Overall, “Hymn for the Weekend” not only serves as a catchy pop song but also celebrates Indian culture by showcasing elements like Holi festivities and featuring prominent figures from both Hollywood (Beyonce) and Bollywood (Sonam Kapoor). It has become an international hit that bridges musical genres while promoting cultural diversity.

What was the reason for Coldplay filming Hymn for the Weekend in India?

Coldplay may have shot the video of their song ‘Hymn For The Weekend’ in India with an intention to celebrate its vibrant and mystic hues, but it has sparked a debate on social media, with some calling it a “stereotypical” portrayal of the country.

The Inclusion of Beyoncé in Hymn for the Weekend

P.S. We are thrilled by how Coldplay and Beyoncé joined forces for “Hymn For The Weekend.” Their collaboration brought a fresh dynamic to the track that resonated with fans worldwide. Despite initial concerns about certain lyrics, they were able to find common ground through open communication and creative compromise.

The significance of the hymn song

1. Origin: Hymns have their roots in Christian worship traditions.

2. Purpose: They serve as songs of praise and adoration to God.

3. Congregational Singing: Hymns are meant to be sung collectively by the church community.

4. Metrical Structure: They follow a specific rhythm or meter pattern.

6. Nonbiblical Texts: Unlike psalms or biblical passages, hymn lyrics are not directly taken from scripture.

In India, English-speaking Christian communities often use hymns during their worship services as well.

The singer of Hymn for the Weekend – who is she?

Hymn for the Weekend” is a popular song released in 2016 by Coldplay, a British alternative rock band. The track features uncredited vocals from American singer Beyoncé and is included on their seventh studio album titled “A Head Full of Dreams,” which was released in 2015. This collaboration between Coldplay and Beyoncé brought together two powerhouse artists, resulting in a captivating blend of musical styles.